Research and Development

Research and development activities are the main motor for the development of Antibitic-Razgrad AD.

The major part of the activities focus on development of quality generic drug products intended for all age and social groups, the accent being on the following therapeutic categories:

 •   Antimicrobial agents;

 •   Ophthalmic and topical products;

 •   Corticosteroids for systemic and topical administration;

 •   Bioflavonoids and anti-hyperlypidemic agents.

The analytical work necessary for the development of the finished products is conducted in state of the art “Laboratory for physico-chemical testing” and “Microbiology Laboratory” and the experiments and pilot batch production are carried out in a pilot plant.

All activities are performed by a highly qualified team of professionals from various disciplines with extensive experience in the development and transfer of finished products, development and validation of analytical methods and procedures, regulatory affairs and registration.

During the last three years the company has developed and introduced over 20 new products.