Company policy

Management and quality

Antibiotic-Razgrad AD  implements  an  effective  quality  management  system which ensures  the  quality  of  the  products  and   guarantees   that the   business   performs  in  a  safe  and  responsible  manner  and  the  products  manufactured by  the  company  are  suitable  for their  intended use,  comply  with  the  Marketing  authorizations/Technical  documentation   and   are   safe,   effective    and    of   good    quality.

The management of Antibiotic-Razgrad AD is responsible for the establishment, implementation and maintenance of a quality system which is to allow the company to accomplish three major objectives, i.e.:

  • To manufacture products with quality characteristics which are suitable for meeting the requirements of patients, medical professionals, regulatory and certifying authorities and other internal and external customers;

  • To establish and implement effective systems for monitoring and control of the process performance and product quality, thus providing assurance in the continuous robustness and capabilities of the processes;

  • To identify and implement suitable improvements in the product quality and  processes, to reduce changes, to support innovations and  the quality system, so that Antibiotic-Razgrad AD can increase its capability of continuously meeting quality requirements.


Our company policy states our commitment to protect the environment and the health and safety of our employees, external contractors, visitors and customers. We therefore undertake to manage all aspects of our business in a safe and responsible manner, protecting the environment and contributing to the public health and welfare.
In support of this commitment, we define ambitious goals and tasks for prevention of injuries, disease and environment pollution and follow up on their implementation. We manage proactively the risks for the environment and labour health and safety, in order to ensure compliance with all applicable legal and other requirements. We work effectively to apply the principles of environment protection, labour health and safety in the processes of planning and decision making. We strive for continuous improvement of our EHS performance. We disclose our objectives and achievements to all shareholders, investors, employees and customers. We work as a team to foster positive culture and personal responsibility with regard to EHS in all our employees.

For the successful implementation of our EHS policy we ensure:

  • Commitment of the senior management and each member of our staff;
  • Adoption of the principles and spirit of this policy through personnel motivation, training and qualification;
  • Financial resources for implementation of the EHS management programmes;
  • Management of the above processes through an integrated environment, health and safety management system, bases on internationally recognized standards as ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Social Policy

Our policy is underlined by our understanding of the company social responsibility with objectives in the following priority areas:

  • Healthy and safe labour conditions;
  • Environmental protection;
  • Human resources and communications;
  • Sponsorship and partnership.