Production facilities

The production facilities are located in Razgrad and are intended for the production of:

- Capsules, tablets, powders for oral suspensions, food additives;

- Eye drops – solutions and suspensions; medical devices;

- Ointments and creams for topical application, ophthalmic ointments, oromucosal pastes, cosmetic products.

The production facilities are designed, constructed and verified in a manner providing the quality of the processes and products.


Production activities are performed:

    •    In conditions supported by modern utilities;
    •    With equipment capable of monitoring the critical process parameters;
    •    Exercising reliable in-process control.

The production facilities comprise:

- Work Center "Capsules and Tablets" which manufactures capsules, tablets and oral powders;

- Work Center "Liquid Sterile and Semi-Solid Forms" which consists of:

    •    Unit for production of eye drops;
    •    Unit for production of eye ointments, topical ointments and creams, oromucosal paste (mouth paste).