Quality Assurance

One of the major targets of Antibiotic-Razgrad AD is to develop, implement and maintain an effective quality system complying with the current requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice.

Quality assurance is a goal to which all systems in the company are designed to contribute and is a recognized necessity for all employees.

The main motor and coordinator of these systems is „Quality Assurance” department which has the following major responsibilities:

• To ensure compliance with the current requirements of the Good Practices and other relevant company standards;

• To implement and maintain an effective quality management system and ensure its improvement;

• To organize and control the implementation of the Standard Operating Procedures for Good Practice activities, including development of products, quality control, materials management, control of working environment, cleaning, etc;

• To organize and maintain a quality documentary system, personnel training, etc.

The company has the necessary test equipment, expertise and experience to conduct the activities related to quality assurance.