Quality Control

„Quality Control” department has the following major responsibilities:

   • To take samples from starting and packaging materials and finished products;

     •  To test and release for use in production each batch of starting and packaging material in accordance with current specifications;

     •  To test intermediate, bulk and finished products in accordance with current specifications.

     •   To perform control testing of the working environment during production;

    •  To monitor and control the product stability;

    • To release finished products for sale after establishing their compliance with the current specifications, Manufacturing authorizations, Marketing authorizations/technical documentation, based on relevant regulatory requirements and Technical agreements;

   •  To validate the analytical and microbiological methods for quality control and to develop and validate analytical methods related to investment projects, processes or cleaning of equipment, systems, rooms, etc.

„Quality Control” department comprises:

    •  Analytical laboratories

    •  Microbiology laboratories,

Which are designed, built and validated in accordance with the current Good practices, as well as the Bulgarian and European legal requirements.

All tests are performed with qualified, metrologically tested and verified laboratory equipment by highly qualified experts with extensive experience in the control of finished products, sterile API’s, cosmetic products, food additives and medical devices.